fredag 1 april 2016

160401 - And again...

Yesterday, when I was biking at my work, a women stopped me, and show me her police-ID, then a police-bus came. They took me in for a hearing. Someone had toled the police that I have radioactive materials at home. I confirmed that I had some radioactive glas, with a very, very small amount of urainum in.

But, I asume, rather safe than sorry... I went from the police-station to my work. They had tooked my keys and I was forbidden to got home. So I spend the night in my moms apartment. Then I biked to my work, and of course rumors was already there.

The people in Spiran has been a huge support to me. Then around 02 PM I biked down to my apartment, and the whole street was secluded with policetape, Storgatan, the most central street in Ängelholm. I took my bike and sat me down, when I saw people from the police, the bombsquad, and the Swedish Radiation Authory was in my apartment. I was shoked...

I don't think they found nothing! I can't se that something is missing in my apartment, except my computer. But I was sad when I opened the door, and thougt that they had went upside down in all my things. But suprised, that almost nothing was untouched. There was nothing!

I think I know, who tipped the police, and I will deal with that later.

When I came home, the green glas was still where I've lefted it, my handgrenades-atraps was there, and if they found something I think they have told me!

But seriously, closing down the whole street? It is ridiculous! I'm a good person and don't want to harm somebody. I don't know how much this operation had cost, but I think it was no cheap...

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  1. This is really screwed up man, I heard about in on the news... My support go out to you, I really hope you can nail the f*cker that is behind this.

    It should not be that way, but I guess once you are under their "radar" it takes only a small suspicion for the cavalry to come in force.

    And of course its adds up that it’s an extreme scare for everything nuclear out there, the misconceptions are beyond belief. The public and I guess the police really need to be educated.