fredag 12 augusti 2016

160812 - Visit at a nuclear power plant

Today I was visiting Barsebäck in the middle of Skåne, a closed nuclear power plant. Its was closed down 2005 and there is no radioactive material left, except some middle-active in form of for example the reactor tank. Sadly, it was totally prohibited to
take photos in the buildings, but I got some interesting thing in the exhibition.

Me outside the nuclear power plant.

The entrance is still guarded.

Swedish nuclear history.

 A fuel element.

A control rod.

The fuel, uranium-pellets.

Used uranium-pellets.

Some uranium

In this the "Yellow Cake" was transported.

This is how the waste is packed.

The final storage for the nuclear waste, a copper capsule, in bentonite clay, stored 500 m down in the ground, for about 100 000 years to be safe.