tisdag 17 september 2013

130917 - I would really be a physicists...

Since I was 13 years old I wanted to be a physicists! In the elementary school I got the highest grade in physics and chemistry. But then in high-school I had a big break-down. I got several depressions, and then some psychosis. But I've got a very good job in an industrial

When I went away from there, I was trying to read in some courses in Komvux. But I didn't make it. I wanted to be a hospital-physicists. Then I got the diagnosis Paranoid Schizophrenia... :-(

But now, when I'm sick-listed, I want to study mathematics and physic.Maybe I can on study on distance, because I can't handle groups of people...

torsdag 7 februari 2013

130207 - Acquitted from 2 of 3 charges against me!

Acquitted from 2 of 3 charges against me! Prosecution has been canceled against;
-Illegal possession of hazardous chemicals
-Before impersonation of a person

Still suspect for;
-Crime against the radiation safety law
 I'm still suspect for crime against the radiation saftey law. But today came a happy letter.  Illegal possession of hazardous chemicals, I had also had very poisonous chemicals such as ricin at home. And I had som police-uniforms. This was only 2 days before the terror in Norway. So, for a while I was suspected for terrorism.