torsdag 23 februari 2017

170223 - Visit from the police

Yesterday, I was sleeping about 10:30 AM. I have not get much sleep the earlier night bacause I have fever and feel bad. It knocked on my door, but I wasn't able to opening, too tired. Then my phone rings. First I had not time to answer, but, thay called again and I answered tired. I asked if it was he who knocked on my door, and it was. I got dressed and opened, and it was 2 policemen. They asked me about some videoclips I have put on Youtube. The one in the post below, where I am drunk and cut plastic with a blue laser.

This because so strong lasers is forbidden in Sweden since some year ago. I sold that laser some months before they got illegal. Then they was wondering little about this clip:

If I make explosives at home. You can se on the quality on the clip that it is filmed with a bad camera, I think it was my first digital-camera. The clip is att least 12 years old. So that is barred! I found it in my old computer, wich I cleaned recently, because I'm going to throw it.

But it is TATP, TCAP or TriCycloAcetonePeroxide, I think it is a gram or so. It is very easy to make, but I think they have forbidden to sell 35% hydrogenperoxide, wich is needed.