onsdag 4 november 2015

151104 - A man came to me...

Yesterday, an unknown man came to me and said;
-Hey! Can't you build a big bomb and blow the whole fucking city in the air!?

I answered:
-No, I don't do such a things anymore. 

Then he continued;
-You should work as a chemist on big lab. I have read about you.

But I told him the truth:
-Yes, thats my big dream, but I have trouble with my psychiatric health.

lördag 2 maj 2015

150502 - A Glass Knife

I have made a "knife" in glass with a ceramics shaft. It is not sharp. I cutted out 2 triangles in glass, and then added a small amount o fine powder of chruched blue glass between them. And then let they melt together. Then I made a shaft in clay, and painted it in gold.

tisdag 17 mars 2015

onsdag 18 februari 2015

150218 - A picture of me...

A picture of me...

And no, I am not a police! This uniform was taken from me, but i got it back...