tisdag 17 juli 2018

180717 - New blog

Does not rarely update this blog number, but has another blog about my everyday life and my thoughts. But it is in Swedish, but it is possible to translate.

My everyday life - https://richardsvardag.blogspot.com/

I have closed the movie blog, when I watched many movies but did not even update it.

onsdag 5 april 2017

170405 - New movie blogg

I have created another blogg, because I'm intressted in movies. It will be in swedish only, sorry. But I'm going to review movies I have seen recently.


torsdag 23 februari 2017

170223 - Visit from the police

Yesterday, I was sleeping about 10:30 AM. I have not get much sleep the earlier night bacause I have fever and feel bad. It knocked on my door, but I wasn't able to opening, too tired. Then my phone rings. First I had not time to answer, but, thay called again and I answered tired. I asked if it was he who knocked on my door, and it was. I got dressed and opened, and it was 2 policemen. They asked me about some videoclips I have put on Youtube. The one in the post below, where I am drunk and cut plastic with a blue laser.

This because so strong lasers is forbidden in Sweden since some year ago. I sold that laser some months before they got illegal. Then they was wondering little about this clip:

If I make explosives at home. You can se on the quality on the clip that it is filmed with a bad camera, I think it was my first digital-camera. The clip is att least 12 years old. So that is barred! I found it in my old computer, wich I cleaned recently, because I'm going to throw it.

But it is TATP, TCAP or TriCycloAcetonePeroxide, I think it is a gram or so. It is very easy to make, but I think they have forbidden to sell 35% hydrogenperoxide, wich is needed.

söndag 15 januari 2017

170115 - Laser

Laser is interesting. But a couple of years ago, they are forbidden in Sweden, so I don't have the stronger lasers left. Just a small red laser to play with the cats.

But I had a blue laser, on 1250 mW, which is very dangerous to look in! But here is some pictures.

Blue laser in daylight.

Blue laser in half-light.

Blue laser in dark.

Here I am very drunk, and cut plastic with the blue laser...

 My green laser vas on 240 mW, here in half-light.

And a weak red laser.

The green laser fitted exactly in the peephole in the door.

This is one of the marbles wich was colored by uranium, it was taken from me. But it was interesting to light it with laser.

Blue laser in the uranium-marble. I didn't hit the middle here.

Green laser in the uranium-marble.

Red laser in the uranium-marble.

torsdag 12 januari 2017

170112 - Earlier cats when we lived in a villa

When we lived in a villa in Magnarp, outside Ängelholm, when I was a kid, we had several cats. Some of them was our neighbours, but we let them in sometimes.

Here is me and my sister Therese, with our absolutley first cat, Randi. Randi was cuddly, but pretty easy afraid.

Randi in my moms knee.

Randi under the carpet.

Randi in an armchair.

 Another picture of Randi in the armchair.

Randi in a box.

Randi in a briefcase.

Randi in the sun.

Another picture of Randi in the sun.

This is Nisse, our neighbours cat. He was a daily visitor.

Nisse is sleeping.

This cat, we called Piano, because we had a piano, and he liked to step on the piano keys and playing. Poor little Piano was hit by a car, and died... :(

Piano in the washing machine.

 This is Affe, our neighbours cat.

Affe is eating.

This is Gustav, another neighbours cat.

Gustav again.

Gustav is scratching himself.

I don't really remember this cats name, but we called him Jamsen. Sometimes he visited us, and all the other cats went crazy. Sometimes they were fighting with Jamsen.

Jamsen again.

This is Bobo. Bobo moved with my mom and my sister when we sold the house 1996 and moved in to Ängelholm. It went surprisingly good, to take him from have been an outdoor cat to move into an apartment. But he is not with us anymore... :(

Bobo again. This is when he was visiting me, in my current apartment.

170112 - Malins cats

Here is my frind Malins cats, Rocky and Bagheera. I take care of them sometimes when Malin not is home.

 This is Rocky.

And this is Bagheera. He has pretty much Russian Blue in him.

When they arrived to me, when I took care of them for some week.

They can jump up to the highest shelter.

Fooling around on the top of the shelter.

In the couch.

Washes their self and each other.

onsdag 11 januari 2017

170111 - My familys cats, and earlier cats

I was thinking to publish some photos of my familys cats, and some cats some not are with us anymore... :(

This is Lakrits, my dad and his wifes cat.

Laktrits is chilling.

 Stina, Lakrits little friend.

Lakrits and Stina.

Måne, my moms cat.

 Måne again.

This is Bingo, or we called her Lilla Sys. A homeless little cat I took care of when I found her outside my work. She only stayed with me in 2 days, then she was taken care of my mom and sister. She loved the cats they had then. Bingo is not with us anymore :(

Bingo, little older. 

This is Max, or Masse. A cats that my sisters boyfriend had, later my sisters. Max was a Cornish Rex. Max is not with us anymore... :(

Here is Max again. 

Max and Leo, Leo or "Lille" was my sisters cat, he was a Devon Rex and is not with us anymore... :(

Leo and Max was good friends!

Leo, o "Lille", a pretty funny Devon Rex.

 Lille was sometimes a real "gangsta"...

But he had sweet little t-shirts, but I think he didn't liked them...


A funny picture, when Leo is washing himself.

My sisters new cat, he has many names, I call him Snöboll, My sister call him Rubiks, my mom call him Manou and my dad call him Fräcka Frikadellen.

The choise of names he has, is maybe we don't really know if it is a cat, or something else... Or is it something from the movie "Braindead"?

Lets call him Rubiks, it's his birth-name.

Rubiks is eating!

UPDATE 170115! I had not forgot my moms cat Bandy, I just din't find any pictures of him. But I cleaned my old computer and found some. Sadly, he is not with us any more... :(


Bandy is outside.

Bandy again.