söndag 15 januari 2017

170115 - Laser

Laser is interesting. But a couple of years ago, they are forbidden in Sweden, so I don't have the stronger lasers left. Just a small red laser to play with the cats.

But I had a blue laser, on 1250 mW, which is very dangerous to look in! But here is some pictures.

Blue laser in daylight.

Blue laser in half-light.

Blue laser in dark.

Here I am very drunk, and cut plastic with the blue laser...

 My green laser vas on 240 mW, here in half-light.

And a weak red laser.

The green laser fitted exactly in the peephole in the door.

This is one of the marbles wich was colored by uranium, it was taken from me. But it was interesting to light it with laser.

Blue laser in the uranium-marble. I didn't hit the middle here.

Green laser in the uranium-marble.

Red laser in the uranium-marble.

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