tisdag 10 januari 2017

170110 - Some pictures when they were kittens

Some pictures when they were kittens...

UPDATE (170111)! Look what I found! A picture from the person I've gott the cats from...

The mom, Sessan, with Milo, Zero and Lillsis (and it's looks like there are a fourth cat...) when they where nearly born...

This is the oldest picture I have. It is Lillsis, Zero and Milo.

Here are they, all three. Lillsis is Milos and Zeros sister. She lives in Kristianstad. They have a little contact by Facebook.

All three again.

Lillsis, Milos and Zeros sister.

Lillsis again.

Here is Milo with his, Zeros and Lillsis mom, Sessan, she also lives in Kristianstad.

Milo with his mom, Sessan.

A small Milo.

A small Zero.

A small Zero again.

Zero is whondering where he and Milo ar going to...

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