lördag 2 april 2016

160402 - A little notice...

When I was heared yesterday, and I didn't had access to my apartment, I asked a policeofficer, that I must have my medicin. But no, I didn't get access to it. I'ts very importent that I take my medicin. Som is for schizophrenia, anti-axiety, anti-depression, and some sleeping agents.

Now, it went good, but I think this is serious. I wonder if it is possible to do deny me my medicin. When I was aressted 2011, the police gave me all my medicines, about 500 pills in the arrest to handle by myself. But this time they don't let me have my medicines, two of them is classed as narcotics. If it was, for example, warfarine, I could have died!

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  1. It sounds very strange that they could have the right to deny you that, if your apartment was out of the question there must be other ways the Police could have solved it right? By contacting your doctor for example... I suggest you definitely talk with a lawyer about this mistreatment, its very serious issue!!! As you say, if it would for example have been a heart medicine you could have died. I know first hand how serious that could be to miss a single dose...