torsdag 14 april 2016

160414 - Psychiatric care and nearly suicide

In saturday the 9'th april, I had some real plans to take my life. In friday evening, I almost were there. But a very good person on the Swedish biggest forum Flashback got me on other thoughts.. But then, saturday morning, I had some serously thougt about suicide. It seens that my landlord would kick me out.

I counted my pills, cycled to the pharmacy and took out all my medicines. And I bought 70 cl Vodka. I haven't really clear memories from saturday marning... Probably because I had eat 10 sleeping pills and drank about 30 cl Vodka.

But then had I tought to take over 500 mg of haloperidol, 240 mg clonazepam, 10 000 mg venlafaxine and much, much more.

But I called my dad, my mom and my sister, to say goodbye. I think my dad called an ambulance, because they came here. When they came I was pretty cool, so they drove away again. Then my dad came, and my sister and her boyfriend. They had also called a doctor from FALCK who came home to me. He wrote me in at a psychiatric department in Helsingborg.

So in 5 days I have been there, and I'm feeling much, much better now. But I'm feeling me so stupid...

It was really good in the department. Not particularly funny, exept some maniacs to smile at. But I felt very good there. The food was good, but I talked very little with the other patients.

No changing in my medications. The whole thing was classified as; Acute stress-reaction.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Dear Richard,

    I've been following your blog for many years - since I first read about you building a 'nuclear reactor' in your house. Your blog is fascinating - you are a very clever man.

    I'm very sad to read about you nearly committing suicide recently but happy that your family and doctors helped you. Please take care of yourself. I wish you all the very best.


  2. Svar
    1. No, it's not the heat, it is the smoke which breaks the alpha-radiation, that set on the alarm.

      But I think in the most sprinkler-systems is activated by heat thru some lowmelting-point alloy.

  3. At the risk of making a suggestion you probably already know, I also want to point out that you don't have to walk the journey alone. Having a strong and healthy support group, whether they be family, good friends, or counselors, can empower you along the way.

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