måndag 4 april 2016

160404 - My Theralen-bottles

A ridiculous thing I noticed yestarday. I'm taking a medicin called Theralen, the substance is alimemazine, a non narcotic sleeping agent, and a neuroleptic. This is a liquid medicine, and I have for some reason saved the empty bottles. The bottles is on 50 ml.

At the swedish biggest forum, Flashback, I wrote at the chemical-part if it is possible to build teargas-grenades of Theralen-bottles... :)

If it is possible to store a teargas in this bottles, by a teargas-recipe I just found somewhere, and also if it was possible to do sarin-gas in the same procedure.

Of course I hadn't plans to make som teargas, and lesser sarin-gas... I am just fascinated by dangerous things. And if it is possible to make it att home.

The empty Theralen-bottles was taken from me. The bottles was just an example to store it.

UPDATE! They wasn't taken from me, for some reason, I had put them behind the microwave-oven... 
/Richard, 160917

3 kommentarer:

  1. Feel like someone out there does not like you and have dug out all things you have written about, exaggerated it as much as possible and then tipped off the police... That sucks man!

    My advice to you now, if you have not already thought about it is to lay low, very low and become an average Joe on your known usernames on various forums. If you want to write about these things, do it under a different unknown username, but in that case also think about changing your writing style as that can be highly revealing.

    Actually I do not suggest you do this, rather lay as low as possible now, but I know how difficult that can be -:)

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