fredag 12 augusti 2016

160812 - Visit at a nuclear power plant

Today I was visiting Barsebäck in the middle of Skåne, a closed nuclear power plant. Its was closed down 2005 and there is no radioactive material left, except some middle-active in form of for example the reactor tank. Sadly, it was totally prohibited to
take photos in the buildings, but I got some interesting thing in the exhibition.

Me outside the nuclear power plant.

The entrance is still guarded.

Swedish nuclear history.

 A fuel element.

A control rod

The fuel, uranium-pellets.

Used uranium-pellets.

Some uranium

In this the waste was transported.

This is how the waste is packed.

The final storage for the nuclear waste, a copper capsule, in bentonite clay, stored 500 m down in the ground, for about 100 000 years to be safe.

torsdag 14 april 2016

160414 - Psychiatric care and nearly suicide

In saturday the 9'th april, I had some real plans to take my life. In friday evening, I almost were there. But a very good person on the Swedish biggest forum Flashback got me on other thoughts.. But then, saturday morning, I had some serously thougt about suicide. It seens that my landlord would kick me out.

I counted my pills, cycled to the pharmacy and took out all my medicines. And I bought 70 cl Vodka. I haven't really clear memories from saturday marning... Probably because I had eat 10 sleeping pills and drank about 30 cl Vodka.

But then had I tought to take over 500 mg of haloperidol, 240 mg clonazepam, 10 000 mg venlafaxine and much, much more.

But I called my dad, my mom and my sister, to say goodbye. I think my dad called an ambulance, because they came here. When they came I was pretty cool, so they drove away again. Then my dad came, and my sister and her boyfriend. They had also called a doctor from FALCK who came home to me. He wrote me in at a psychiatric department in Helsingborg.

So in 5 days I have been there, and I'm feeling much, much better now. But I'm feeling me so stupid...

It was really good in the department. Not particularly funny, exept some maniacs to smile at. But I felt very good there. The food was good, but I talked very little with the other patients.

No changing in my medications. The whole thing was classified as; Acute stress-reaction.

måndag 4 april 2016

160404 - My Theralen-bottles

A ridiculous thing I noticed yestarday. I'm taking a medicin called Theralen, the substance is alimemazine, a non narcotic sleeping agent, and a neuroleptic. This is a liquid medicine, and I have for some reason saved the empty bottles. The bottles is on 50 ml.

At the swedish biggest forum, Flashback, I wrote at the chemical-part if it is possible to build teargas-grenades of Theralen-bottles... :)

If it is possible to store a teargas in this bottles, by a teargas-recipe I just found somewhere, and also if it was possible to do sarin-gas in the same procedure.

Of course I hadn't plans to make som teargas, and lesser sarin-gas... I am just fascinated by dangerous things. And if it is possible to make it att home.

The empty Theralen-bottles was taken from me. The bottles was just an example to store it.

160404 - Deleted

Sorry! Deleted...

fredag 1 april 2016

160401 - A little notice...

When I was heared yesterday, and I didn't had access to my apartment, I asked a policeofficer, that I must have my medicin. But no, I didn't get access to it. I'ts very importent that I take my medicin. Som is for schizophrenia, anti-axiety, anti-depression, and some sleeping agents.

Now, it went good, but I think this is serious. I wonder if it is possible to do deny me my medicin. When I was aressted 2011, the police gave me all my medicines, about 500 pills in the arrest to handle by myself. But this time they don't let me have my medicines, two of them is classed as narcotics. If it was, for example, warfarine, I could have died!

160401 - And again...

Yesterday, when I was biking at my work, a women stopped me, and show me her police-ID, then a police-bus came. They took me in for a hearing. Someone had toled the police that I have radioactive materials at home. I confirmed that I had some radioactive glas, with a very, very small amount of urainum in.

But, I asume, rather safe than sorry... I went from the police-station to my work. They had tooked my keys and I was forbidden to got home. So I spend the night in my moms apartment. Then I biked to my work, and of course rumors was already there.

The people in Spiran has been a huge support to me. Then around 02 PM I biked down to my apartment, and the whole street was secluded with policetape, Storgatan, the most central street in Ängelholm. I took my bike and sat me down, when I saw people from the police, the bombsquad, and the Swedish Radiation Authory was in my apartment. I was shoked...

I don't think they found nothing! I can't se that something is missing in my apartment, except my computer. But I was sad when I opened the door, and thougt that they had went upside down in all my things. But suprised, that almost nothing was untouched. There was nothing!

I think I know, who tipped the police, and I will deal with that later.

When I came home, the green glas was still where I've lefted it, my handgrenades-atraps was there, and if they found something I think they have told me!

But seriously, closing down the whole street? It is ridiculous! I'm a good person and don't want to harm somebody. I don't know how much this operation had cost, but I think it was no cheap...

lördag 20 februari 2016

160220 - I have bought a Gamma-Scout

I bought a new geigercounter, a Gamma-Scout. I have nothing to test it with, but I think it react on the background-radiation. But I will try it on someone who has a smoke-detector. My own is optical, so there is not any radioactive material.

But I bought it because me and a friend will travel later this year I hope, to Chernobyl and Pripyat! It will be extremely exciting! I promise to take and publish cool pictures from it.

It was pretty expensive, but there came with a certificate, that it is calibrated with Cs-137.

onsdag 4 november 2015

151104 - A man came to me...

Yesterday, an unknown man came to me and said;
-Hey! Can't you build a big bomb and blow the whole fucking city in the air!?

I answered:
-No, I don't do such a things anymore. 

Then he continued;
-You should work as a chemist on big lab. I have read about you.

But I told him the truth:
-Yes, thats my big dream, but I have trouble with my psychiatric health.

lördag 2 maj 2015

150502 - A Glass Knife

I have made a "knife" in glass with a ceramics shaft. It is not sharp. I cutted out 2 triangles in glass, and then added a small amount o fine powder of chruched blue glass between them. And then let they melt together. Then I made a shaft in clay, and painted it in gold.

tisdag 17 mars 2015

onsdag 18 februari 2015

150218 - A picture of me...

A picture of me...

And no, I am not a police! This uniform was taken from me, but i got it back...

tisdag 1 juli 2014

140701 - The Judgement

Today, my judment came. I would be 13 600 kronor, which is about $2000 in fines. I only were convicted for 2 of the 5 point I was accused on. Crime against the radiation saftey law and illegal environmental activities.

I was acquited from another point for crime against the radiation saftey law, illegal possesioning with chemical weapons and crime against the law about warmaterials.

The judgement (in swedish):

fredag 20 juni 2014

140620 - The Court

In the 17'th of june I was in the court for my activities. The prosecutor wanted prison, but I'm almost sure that it would be conditionally and fines. My lawyer have done an extremley good job.

I was a little bit worried to be judged to do more forensic-psychiatry investigations. But the court said no to that.

The judgment will come on july the 1, 11:00 AM.

Then after publishing the judgment, this blog will turn in on another way. I am going to post my paintings instead of nuclear- and poison-informations.

onsdag 21 maj 2014

140521 - I am called to do a "forensic-psychiatric investigation".

Today a letter came from the correctional. The court has decided that I should implement a forensic-psychiatric investigation (I used Google translate, I don't know what it really calls). The june 2'th I'm going to Halmstad for an investigation.

I know there is something wrong with me, otherwise, I had not needed the 5 psychiatric pharmaceuticals that I take in high doses every day. I only know that I feel very bad if I quit with some of them. But I really don't know for what diagnosis... I have had about 30 diagnosis from when I was 16 years old, until now, I'm 34 on friday.

I'm thinking if I shouldn't take my medicines before the investigation, or they want me investigated as it is now, I'm feeling pretty good with my medicines? If I stop with my Haloperidol, I'm being very bad. For example confused, paranoid, some times I've been hearing voices and another of cuckoos... The Haloperidol is a really good pharmaceutical, I couln't live without it.

måndag 19 maj 2014

140519 - Is it possible to build a nuclear bomb from smoke-detectors?

Many have asked me if it is possible to build a nuclear bomb from smoke-detectors. Some media exaggerates my whole thing, and wrote "He was trying to building an atomic bomb from smoke-detectors"!

But the answer is, Yes! It is possible. But you will need about 323 076 920 377 smoke-detektors if I had calculated it right. A smoke-detektor contains about 0,26 µg Americium-241. And the critical mass for Am-241 is about 84 kilograms. This is the bare critical mass. Then it could be reduced to about "only" 23 kilograms, with some reflection shields and so.

So, start collecting! Over 323 billions of smoke-detectors!

It is also possible to build a nuclear bomb from the far more expensive Californium. 1998 was the price $56 per microgram of Californium-252. The critical mass for Cf-252 is 2,73 kilograms, then a critical mass would cost about $153 billions.

fredag 9 maj 2014

140509 - Another pre-trial against me canceled!

A pre-trial investigation on me has been canceled. It is the point; "Planing of murder" that has been canceled! There are no evidence of it! And of course I didn't plan to murder someone. I was just angry and drunk and wrote some threats on the Internet.

onsdag 2 april 2014

140402 - Pre-Trial canceled!

One of the charges against me has been canceled! I was accused to have ordered merchandises to another person. Of course I don't do something like that. But it has maybe been a friend of mine, who promised to "make a hell" for the person I dislike. I don't know who. But the text I had sent out was stored in my computer. So the police adopted that it was me.

fredag 7 mars 2014

140307 - Cobalt bomb

One (or several) cobalt bomb(s) is a possible doomsday-weapon. Its an ordinary nuclear weapon, with a admixture of Cobalt-59. Co-59 is not radioactive itself, but the nuclear device sends out a lot of neutrons wich is absorbed by the Cobalt, and turn it into Co-60 wich is very radioactive. It has a half-life of 5,7 years.

The reaction is;
Co-59 + n Co-60 (T½ = 5,7 years) β + Ni-60 + 2γ

The radioactive Cobalt-60 can be spread over large areas and contaminate the surrounding things, plants, humans and animals. As little as 1 gram Co-60 can contaminate one squarekilometer, so it will be uninhabetable. The Cobalt will waporize in a nuclear explosion, then condense to solid form, in form of dust.

The cobalt bomb occurs in at least two movies, the most famous is;
"Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb", the other is "On the Beach". It's also named in the James Bond-movie Goldfinger, where the bad guy has plans a little, but dirty bomb in Fort Knox to contaminate the Gold, with "Cobalt and Iodine".

Newly manufactured Co-60 has an activity at 10 Sv at a hypotetical detonation fallout. Lethal dose is in 30 minutes is about 5 Sv. It takes 142 years (27 half-lives) to the Cobalt (wich has decade to Nickel) to be safe.

There is no evidence that a country has manufactured cobalt bombs. In a hypotetical bomb, for examle, the tamper can be made of Co-59.

Source: Wikipedia

torsdag 6 mars 2014

140306 - How to build a thermonuclear bomb

A thermonuclear bomb is based on fusion of atoms. Light atoms is smashed together. The most common is Deuterium (heavy hydrogen) and Tritium (radioactive hydrogen). When they are fusioned it realese a massive energy.

To start the fusion, it requires a lot of energy. A fission bomb is used as a "detonater". Here is a simple drawing of a fusion bomb.

The upper part is the fission-device, which triggs the fusion-part. Theoretical a thermonuclear bomb can be as big as preferably. A common warhead is W88, used in the SLBM (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile). It has a yield around 475 kt.

The biggest bomb ever detonated is "Tsar Bomba", which yield was about 50 Mt. Is was tested by the Soviet Union 1961. The biggest bomb tested by USA was Castle Bravo with a yield of 15 Mt. Se more att wikipedia; The "Tsar Bomba" was first designed to be 100 Mt, if the outer shell was made of Uraniun, so it would be as fission-fusion-fission. But that had causted a large amount of radioactive fallout. So the shell was made of Lead.

ICBM (InterContinental Ballistic Missile) is plased in missile-silos or on a wehicle. Russia has Missiles in the megaton class, USA has Minuteman III, which has been dismantled to one warhead. But the submarines has up to 8 warheads in one missile. Se the list of weapons;

Source: Wikipedia

The W88 warhead:

onsdag 5 mars 2014

140305 - How to build a fission bomb

Nuclear fission bombs are based on Uranium-235 or Plutonium-239. At least one test has also been tested with Uranium-233. It is also possible to build nuclear bombs with Neptunium or Americium. It is a pretty simply comstruction. But the types are different depending on using U-235 or Pu-239. A U-235 is the easiest to build.

Lets start with the U-235 device. You will need about 60 kg of almost pure U-235 (over 90 %). Natural Uranium consists of only about 0,72 % U-235, the rests is U-238, wich not is fissionable.

Here is a drawing of the Uranium bomb "Little Boy" which was dropped on Hiroshima.

A Plutonium bomb is more complicated, it is built on a implosion of a Plutonium-sphere. But you will only be need of about 6 kg of Plutonium. Plutonium does not exist in the natur (exept for small traces), so it must be made in a reactor. The Plutonium is often alloyed with about 3 % Gallium.

Here is a drawing of the Plutonium bomb "Fat Man" which was dropped on Nagasaki.

The hard thing with this device is to get the explosive lenses to detonate exactly at the same time.

In both cases, the device is build to smash together a fissile material into a critical mass, with help of conventional explosives. Little Boy had a yield of about 15 kt, and Fat Man about 21 kt.

måndag 13 januari 2014

140109 - Arrested again!

For a couple of days ago, I was arrested again. But it has nothing to do with my earlier visits with the police. I was suspected for "Planing of murder"... Of cource i dont have a plan to kill someone, but I let my mind wandered away. And when I was drunk, I wrote about it on the Internet.

tisdag 17 september 2013

130917 - I would really be a physicists...

Since I was 13 years old I wanted to be a physicists! In the elementary school I got the highest grade in physics and chemistry. But then in high-school I had a big break-down. I got several depressions, and then some psychosis. But I've got a very good job in an industrial

When I went away from there, I was trying to read in some courses in Komvux. But I didn't make it. I wanted to be a hospital-physicists. Then I got the diagnosis Paranoid Schizophrenia... :-(

But now, when I'm sick-listed, I want to study mathematics and physic.Maybe I can on study on distance, because I can't handle groups of people...

torsdag 7 februari 2013

130207 - Acquitted from 2 of 3 charges against me!

Acquitted from 2 of 3 charges against me! Prosecution has been canceled against;
-Illegal possession of hazardous chemicals
-Before impersonation of a person

Still suspect for;
-Crime against the radiation safety law
 I'm still suspect for crime against the radiation saftey law. But today came a happy letter.  Illegal possession of hazardous chemicals, I had also had very poisonous chemicals such as ricin at home. And I had som police-uniforms. This was only 2 days before the terror in Norway. So, for a while I was suspected for terrorism.

torsdag 4 augusti 2011

110804 - Now I'm famous world wide...

Many, many news have notice me now. Thanks for all tips! I even was live-interview in BBC-television. I didn't thought I would get so famous... Please continue to comment if you find other articles :-)


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fredag 22 juli 2011

110722 - Project canceled!

Wednesday, I was arrested and sent to jail, when the police and the Swedish Radiation Safety Authory searched my apartment. They took all my radioactive stuff, but I was released after a hearing. But I am still suspekt for crime against the radiation safety law.

I was ordered by the police to get out of the building with my hands up, then three men came, with geiger-counters and searched me. Then I was placed in a police-car, when Radiation Safety Authory went into my apartment with very advanced measure-tools. 

So, my project is canceled!

lördag 21 maj 2011

110521 - "The Meltdown"

A meltdown on my cooker!!!

No, it not so dangerous. But I tried to cook Americium, Radium and Beryllium in 96% sulphuric-acid, to easier get them blended. But the whole thing exploded upp in the air...

Of cource I thrown away my pills at the left side, and I didn't drink the juice-syryp in the right.

fredag 20 maj 2011

110520 - I'm Not The First...

In this video you'll se exactly how the principe works. It is not me in the video, I don't know who they are... The first who did this experiment was a boyscout, named David Hahn, also called "The Nuclear Boyscout" or "The Radioactive Boyscout". There are many pages about him:

Yes, I know... He doesn't look very great... 

110520 - Uranium

Uranium is the most common fuel in nuclear reactors. Naturaly occuring Uranium consist of about 99,2% U-238 and 0,7% of U-235. It is the U-235 which is intressting. Because it is fissible. Uranium has to be enriched to be used in the most coherences. Under 20% U-235 it is called LEU (Low Enriched Uranium), which is used in the most nucler reactors. HEU stand for High Enriched Uranium, which is used in some atomic-submarines and in nuclear weapons.

But in this project we are not going to use U-235. Naturally Uranium (with 0,7% U-235), can be used directly in heavy water-reactors. But we are going our from U-238, depleted Uranium.

If a neutron is catched up in the U-238 nuclear, it transmute to U-239 with T½ = 22,3 min, which than decays into Pa-239, and the half-life of that is about 27 days. Then the Protactinium decays to the fissible isotope Plutonium-239.

Then the isotope of Uranium, U-233 is fissible, and that is the type we use with the Thorium-project.

An Uranium glass-marble I have. The green color comes from Uranium.

onsdag 18 maj 2011

110519 - Thorium

Thoriumoxide in a gas lantern mantle.

Thorium is a naturally occuring element, and can be used as fuel in a nuclear breed-reactor. The isotope Th-232 is the most common. It is found as thoriumoxide in gas lantern mantels, or in weld-electrodes, which here in Sweden can be bought at Biltema.

When a neutron, from your neutron-gun hits the Th-232, it turns into Th-233, which decays to Pa-233, and then to U-233. U-233 is fissible.

Another picture at the mantle.